Pilgrim Congregational Church

Committee Descriptions

Fellowship Committee (formerly Growth Committee)

The Fellowship Committee supports the church in numerous ways:

  • Provides Welcome Bags to visitors
  • Invites new members into Fellowship
  • Retains existing members into Fellowship
  • Hosts a variety of Fellowship activities including: Family Picnic, Annual Tea, Book Club and Fun Fridays with Fellowship
  • Oversees Prayer Shawl Ministry
  • Joins other committees in creating a presence of Pilgrim Church in the community

Missions  Ministries Committee

The Missions committee supports international, national and local needs. North Star (formerly MIHN) is part of a national organization that provides food and shelter for homeless families. Our church is one of the sponsors and providers for this program. Local missions include Daily Bread and educational scholarships to church members. Many other charities have received donations including but not limited to Habitat for Humanity, Pilgrim Food Pantry, American Red Cross, Crop Walk for Hunger and the American Cancer Society.  Christmas Missions Programs are also well supported by the congregation and gifts have been donated recently to Battered Women's Resources.

Thanks to members of our congregation for supporting these projects.  Each one of our members helps make it possible to do God’s work locally and throughout the world.

Pastor/Parish Committee

The purpose of this committee is to:

  • Work to optimize communications and harmony between the Parish and Pastor(s).
  • Be sensitive to and honor matters entrusted in confidence.
  • Advocate for the Pastor(s) in matters of ministry, personal concerns, and professional growth so as to promote the parish's understanding of pastoral needs in these areas.
  • Be alert to sources of conflict between the Congregation and the Pastor(s)'s ministry.
  • Assist in mediating potential conflicts between the congregations and pastor(s).
  • Oversee the “Talk to Me” cards in the sanctuary pews. Anonymous cards or comments shall not be acknowledged.

    Personnel Committee

    The Personnel Committee of this church is comprised of 2-3 church members who each serve a term from 1 to 3 years and whose purpose is to research, develop, implement, and evaluate human resource tools that assist the Pastor, the Church Council and other committees. In addition, they function to oversee the paid personnel of the Church with the Pastor in carrying out personnel matters and to conduct performance reviews for paid non-pastoral staff.

    This committee also assists search committees in seeking information regarding job descriptions, contracts, office policies and procedures and salary and compensation packages.

    It is the responsibility of this committee to hire or replace all paid non-pastoral staff upon recommendation of the appropriate search committee. The Committee acts as the primary staff supervisor, ensuring each staff member performs his/her duties in accordance with the responsibilities of his/her job description or contract and/or goals and objectives set by the relevant oversight committee or liaison designate.

    Stewardship Committee

    The Stewardship committee is tasked with promoting church members to be good stewards of the blessings we have been fortunate enough to be given from God.

    This breaks down into two distinct, but related, tasks. First, we coordinate the annual drive for pledges and financial giving to the church by organizing stewardship speakers for Sunday morning services, coordinating the mailing of pledge cards and pledge materials, and providing support for stewardship based messages on the Sunday we designate to turn in pledge cards. We also coordinate the follow up campaign for those who have not pledged. The bulk of this work happens from October through December.

    Our second major task is to assist committees with recruiting members to fill vacancies so that all volunteer positions within our committee and board structure are filled. We provide support to any committee looking to fill vacancies as they occur, but are mainly tasked with filling those whose terms have ended in their positions.

    The committee is small in number, but relies on the assistance of coordinating council members when we reach the busy seasons.