Pilgrim Congregational Church

From the Interim Senior Pastor's Desk

Times of transition… those moments requiring us to shift and adjust to unexpected change.  Some of it we may very well want, while other aspects of it, not so much.  Change within a church is always met with a variety of reactions – many predictable, most manageable, and all to a certain degree unique to that particular congregation.

“The times have found us…” is a frequently cited quote of the revolutionary Thomas Paine, most commonly used to refer to our current political climate, but apropos to transitional times in the life of a faith community as well.  And they have… found us, that is.  Our congregation members have embraced this new chapter with enthusiasm and hope, as God would empower us to do.

Sometimes people who are seeking or considering a new spiritual community will hesitate to step into one going through a time of transition.  Other times, they can find that taking a new look at how spiritual life and ministry can be expressed and lived into is precisely the moment to invest their time getting acquainted.

Here at Pilgrim Congregational Church, we have found that exploring ways to practice worship, mission and fellowship in fresh ways is enhancing our experience of God and each other.  And that, at the moment, is what we can offer those seeking a new church home.  And we’re excited to offer that.

So… no matter who you are, where you are on this journey of life, or what your questions about God, faith and spiritual expression are… you are most, most welcome to join us.

~ Pastor Derek