Pilgrim Congregational Church


Serving The Community Since 1743

The Pilgrim Congregational Church was first built in 1743.  A series of fires lead to reconstructions of the church in the 1800s.  The church contains many unique architectural details such as a massive two-story pipe organ and two Tiffany windows signed by the famous glass designer.

The original architectural drawings have been preserved and can be

 viewed below on this page.

Did you Know. . .

The shiny brass cross and candleholders on the Communion Table were given by PCC members, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zimmerman and their daughter Susan, in 1964.  Jack Sampson, also a PCC member, polishes the cross and candleholders beautifully twice a year.  His secret is his Mother's Metal Polish, a long, trusted product from his polishing parts on a 1907 antique car.  Grease and acid from people's hands over time have caused some pitting on the cross.  We should minimize touching it when moving it and lift from under the "wings" or handle using a cloth. . .AND THIS IS HISTORY!

~from Bev Stone and Elaine Perreault                                                                                                                                                                   

Did You Know. . .

The wooden cross hanging in front of the organ pipes was handmade by PCC member, Mr. Albert O. Steinmetz, Nancy Wiiks' grandfather.  He made it and gave to the church in 1962.  The hanging cross in the Narthex was made by Roger Gordon, a Senior High PCC Fellowship member, in 1957.  It is made of mahogany.  The wall curtain backdrop was given in 1962.  AND THIS IS HISTORY! ~ Bev Stone and Elaine Perreault

Did you Know. . .

The white marble wall clock in the sanctuary was given to PCC by early member Francis Whitney's Sunday School Class in 1874.  When it couldn't be repaired in 1972, PCC member, George Yule, a stone monument carver, cut a hole in it so it could be electrified by a Springfield company.  AND THIS IS HISTORY!~ Bev Stone and Elaine Perreault

Did you Know. . . The beautiful hutch to the left of the pulpit was dedicated in June of 1977 and given in memory of Carroll C. Miles, Jr. by his family and friends.  He is Bev Stone's father.  It was custom made by Bolton Cabinet Company in Harvard, MA, from birch wood with organic raised panel doors, designed and stained to match the church interior.  The total cost was $1,925.  A few years prior several historical silver chalices and other liturgical pieces were found in the church basement by the youth group.  Under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Irvine the silver was cleaned and polished.  The hutch still serves as a perfect repository for this priceless silver and other alter serving pieces.  AND THIS IS HISTORY! ~ Bev Stone & Elaine Perreault

Pilgrim Church prior to the 1872 reconstruction
Artist's rendition of the Pilgrim Church (on left) c.1842
Church reconstruction in 1872