Pilgrim Congregational Church

From the Pastor

The Rev. Dr. Keith C. Alderman

"You Have No Future - Except For The One God Gives You"

Many people are the victims of identity theft. A couple of years ago, my wife Penny and I received notification that we were the victims of identity theft and did not have any idea how it happened. Nothing we personally did caused it. It turns out that Anthem Health Care had a security breach and did not tell their customers. Somehow our health insurance company shared information with Anthem. Anthem’s security breach happened in December 2014, and we were notified at the end of January, 2015. Our social security numbers were taken, and someone else had stolen them and filed a false tax return with the IRS in our name.

One of the reasons that mainline Christianity in our country is in decline is that someone has stolen God’s identity. Someone has stolen God’s identity, and the message of God as given through Jesus Christ is so unfamiliar to many people that few notice that the switch has been made. 

We are very used to disappointment, but God is and has always been faithful.  Political promises come and go, especially this year, in a presidential election year.  City and state officials come and go, as administrations change from one party to another.  Our heath comes and goes, as we undergo the process of aging from youth to middle age to old age.  Relationships come and go.  Now more than half of the people who get married end up being divorced.   Friends come and go on a regular basis.  How many people do you still know that you went to High School with?

Sometimes when I look at my old fashioned address book, it is remarkable to me to see how many people move in and out of life on a regular basis. 


God tells us that no matter what changes in our lives, that the Lord is here to stay.  “The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God will stand forever” (Isa. 40:8).  God is the foundation we need for our lives.  The truth is, no matter what the world may bring – God will last and be with us through our health problems.  God will last through our legal problems.  God will last through the problems in our families.  God will last through the problems we are having at work or school.  God will be with us when we are unemployed or under employed.  God will last through our money problems.  God will last through a recession, or an economic slowdown.  God will last through it all because God has been through it all. The faithfulness of God works best in our lives when we give our problems, our situations to God.  God will stand on the sidelines and watch when we think we can go it alone.  What a tragedy it is to live half a life!  

The truth is: We have no future except for the one that God gives to us.  Have you let life steal God’s presence and promise from you?  Are you the victim of identity theft?  Live into your future with the one who gave you a future.  Take his hand, because he says to you, “I will not fail or forsake you” (Josh. 1:5). 
+ In Christ, Rev. Keith